This is a cross media project dealing with the topic of existing data and reusing it to create something new.


«A newspaper showcasing the week’s most popular posts, put into perspective. Taken from nowness’ instagram page and complemented with google images’ results, comments from the community and results from a search with google’s «best guess for this image», an additional layer of meaning is added to the original images and videos.

Visit the website for more information on how people are reacting to nowness’ posts. stats, stats, stats.»


Both newspaper and website serve as examples of how an instagram account’s posts – any instagram account’s – could be sorted and new meaning given to them. Through the additional layer of information, the restriction of context that is put onto the photos and videos when they are uploaded to instagram is reextended, making it possible for connections that were prevented before by the closedness of instagram to be reestablished.

For the magazine we used a complex grid system based on information we retrieved from nowness’ instagram account. The grid defines where the pictures are placed based on what day they were uploaded to instagram and how many comments they got. The more likes the picture got, the bigger it is shown. For the additional pages we used a generic grid in which pictures were placed at random, the size of the pictures depending on the amount of likes of the post. Text and comments were placed freely on the pages. To break the rhythm we added purely typographic pages containing lists of hashtags, user names and unicode-codes.
The design of the website is based on the structure and grid system of the magazine. We focussed on creating a coherent, interactive website that provides additional information to the magazine.


Date: Autumn 2016
Collaboration with Rahel Witschi
Workshop with Johnson/Kingston
Size: A3