Glaube und wirklichkeit

Creating an insert for a magazine containing a text by Jan Tschichold called «Glaube und Wirklichkeit» that was published in response to Max Bill’s essay «über typographie».

Based on the text’s content we were asked to come up with a concept for layouting the text. As it is quite emotional and descriptive I decided to focus on the adjectives in the text. This meant taking all the adjectives and putting them next to the original text, their size changing depending on how often they were used.

This creates another kind of overview of the text, giving hints of what the text is about. Through the partial overlapping of the adjectives where there are a lot of them and — in contrast to that — the gaps that occur where there are none, different gray tones and white spaces are created, which helps keep the suspense over the length of the spreads.


Format: 265x370
Dozent: Rudolf Barmettler
Assistent: Jonas Niedermann